Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 1 - Rough One!

WOW, this week was ROUGH! – to say the least. I knew getting back into the swing of things would be difficult but I didn’t realize really HOW hard it would be. I completely started off good – the first day – then went back to my old habits of eating fast food and bad foods and not working out. I think I worked out three times in the last week. I know that change cannot happen overnight but I definitely wish it could. I didn’t lose a single pound this week but I also didn’t gain which is a positive – I guess :(. I honestly thought after my big break it would be easier to get back into things but I learned it is very hard with temptation all around me with food. Majority of the people in my life are not overweight and never have been so they do not really fully understand what I am going through. Stress also has a lot to do with it since I live in a smaller town and am looking for employment to pay for school in the fall and nothing seems to come my way. It is always easier with motivators around me but without them it is going to be a lot harder. I LOVE my followers for supporting me and I hope I can be of some support back! 

Who watched the Biggest Loser finale last night?!?! I was so amazed at how good the girls looked and not to mention jealous!! Like OMG! I wish I could copy the finale from my DVR to my phone and watch it every time I am at the gym – of course when I can get my butt to the gym! 

What I learned this week:
·         This is not going to be easy!
·         Fast food is evil and makes me feel like issh.
·         I like taking classes at the gym more than working out on the treadmill
·         I HATE the treadmill
·         I love subway…
·         I need to focus more
·         I need to set serious goals

Goals for the upcoming week 5/26-5/2
·         Jog as much of 3 miles I can 4 times during the week
·         Lose 2 pounds
·         Limit myself to 0-2 Coke Zeros for the whole week
·         Limit my eating out and when I do chose healthy options
·         Eliminate stress!

Wish me luck! I am heading out of town to Baltimore on Friday-Tuesday for Memorial Day to spend with my family so I know there will be lots of eating out but they also exercise so it will hopefully be a good few days. Good luck to everyone else this week and on their journeys. KEEP ME POSTED. <3

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