Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week Two

This week I really thought I would do well, however, that was not the case. This week was rougher than my first week and all I keep thinking is when will things get easier. I know I am doing it to myself though which is even more frustrating. I think I made every excuse on the planet to why I didn't eat right and work out. There is so much stress in my life that I definitely need to eliminate ASAP. As for my goals, lets take a look at them:

Jog as much of 3 miles I can 4 times during the week - didn't do this at all
·         Lose 2 pounds - gained two pounds
·         Limit myself to 0-2 Coke Zeros for the whole week - not only did I drink coke zero but every other soda/drink.
·         Limit my eating out and when I do chose healthy options - act very poorly
·         Eliminate stress! - obviously didn't do this yet...
My motivation hasn't changed much and I am starting to feel pretty bad all over again but I refuse to give up. I NEED to change and I need to make myself better. The only person who is going to do this for me is myself. Two terrible weeks down which means it's time to go up and for my weeks to get better :) My updated/new goals for the week:

Jog as much of 3 miles I can 3 times during the week
Limit soda
Limit sugar
Portion control
Stay away from fast food besides subway
Lose 3 pounds
Attend 4 group classes at the gym during the week

Time to get this started!! Whose with me?! <3

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