Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 3

Okay, so this week went a little better. Things are still a little stressful but hopefully my "girls-weekend"
 vacation next week will help with that! Nothing says no stress like the beach and my friends! I feel like this week is going to be a very long one, just like last. Let's get into my goals I set last week.

Jog as much of 3 miles I can 3 times during the week - didn't do at all
Limit soda - I only had one Coke Zero this whole week - all water baby!
Limit sugar - I've definitely limited my sugar but could do better - LOVE sugar free chocolate pudding though :)
Portion control - I did pretty good with this, this week. I was very proud.
Stay away from fast food besides subway - I only ate out at subway this week. YAY!
Lose 3 pounds - I've lost about 4 pounds this week.
Attend 4 group classes at the gym during the week - I did a training and conditioning class, a step class and an ab class - so 3/4 is not bad but I did walk 3 times at the park 1.5 miles each time this week.

So ,
Positive - I've lost weight!!!!!
Negative - I have a stress fracture in my foot so I've got to limit my exercising. blah.

New goals:
Continuing to portion control
Limit soda
Attend 4 group classes at the gym
NO fast food besides subway'
Lose 3-4 pounds
Find some cute cloths for the beach next Thursday :)

Hope everyone has a good week and everyone's weight loss is going well. <3

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